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Top 10 Reasons Why Men Stay Single – Shocking Facts

by Samuel
Why men stay single

Being single can be fun to some people since they chose to be, but for some people, it is because of some other reasons.

This article will be based on the reasons why men stay single, it will be so much fun to read all through I promise you that.

If you think you are doing something wrong and that has kept you single, do not be worried it happens to other men around the world it’s just not you alone.

We are in this together, did I say we are in this together? Indeed, we are!

According to a poll, I have come up with lots of reasons why men would rather stay alone than to get the relationship with a lady going.

This poll showed some men post ‘will I be able to get a lady because I don’t go out?” another man posted “I do get lonely sometimes but I have found that it is a lot less painful than getting rejected by someone or getting in with one wrong person” this goes on to another post “I don’t like asking people because I can’t”.

One reason for this post being published without being filter is that these men don’t talk about it in real life. They feel safe by posting it online to get advice from people.

Without further talk, let’s get down to the real business where we’ll state the most common reason why men stay single.

Here is the list as mentioned in the poll


1. Low self-confidence/esteem

To get into a relationship you don’t need to be a naturally confident type of guy, it’s something that you can make people think you are.

There are many ways for you to change that, you can begin with correcting things like your walk, eye contact, and posture.

Things like these can help boost your self-esteem correctly and will help be less worried when approaching someone you like for the first time.

One way to get a relationship on the first track.

2. Poor flirting skills

This can be one of the very causes why you don’t go out getting a lady for yourself.

Some guys find it very difficult to start the flirting process as they lack the skills of picking up on signals and flirt effectively.

Although this varies in men, some guys find it natural to do with no stress while some people find it working when they practice more.

Keep working on flirting by feeling good about yourself before taking it into actions, practice more.

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3. Poor looks (this includes short stature and baldness)

Some guys have reviewed themselves critically and see that they don’t fit to be good enough to woo a lady.

This is most of the time self-decision, or should I say when you look in the mirror or watch too many romantic movies.

Your confidence matter, you can be cute however you look, you don’t have to be the hottest on the planet to get a partner but you can be one of the kindest persons in your neighborhood.

Your appearance defines you in some way and can help you get a good partner.

4. Introverted

When you are introverted you find it difficult to express your feeling even during discussions not to talk of flirting.

It automatically becomes hard for an introvert to approach a cute stranger no matter the odds.

The only way to get out of your shell is to get social, tell jokes, talk, and laugh hard with people and you’ll find it easier for you to talk with your crush. Be social, I repeat be social.

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5. Giving low effort

This is one of the reasons why men stay single. Although it’s appropriate to never force a relationship, yet it’s a crime to never try hard.

How will your partner-to-be know if you don’t even approach them? You’ll be missing lots of chances to get that YES you needed.

You have to keep trying putting in more effort to win the heart of the person, try all responsible methods available and you will find yourself in luck.

6. No interest in relationships

Some people by choice love being single, they think it is a peaceful way to live. They still believe they should be single to enjoy many benefits of being alone to enjoy life.

You can never get a relationship if you don’t want one, you just have to be open to get one.

7. Less compatible women or no women available

This can be one of the reasons why a guy can be single. If there are women in your area, it is best to go out to other areas and you might be in luck of getting a woman who can become a partner.

You can also make use of other methods such as dating apps to improve your chance of getting a lady who is ready to meet someone.

8. Negative experiences from previous relationships

It can be hard to approach another person for the hope of another relationship when you’ve had a bad relationship before.

This might pull you back from moving on, past experiences do have an effect on our present and future life.

The more you stay away from people the less you feel toward other people who are good towards you.

You won’t want to miss out on good people if you don’t know them because you haven’t interacted with them.

9. Recently broke up

When you recently broke up with a partner you will feel retarded somehow, this is something natural.

You will be extra careful of pursuing new relationships after you’ve experienced a breakup.

If you keep the burden on yourself you will never be able to let go, you need to free your mind in order to gain more experience.

Be careful to apply wisdom and use your past experiences to improve your new relationship. Go out and explore more good people out there.

10. Too picky

Being picky is something that you should avoid in order to get into a new relationship.

When you choose your partner depending on their requirements, be sure to be extra careful not to be picky.

Choose your mind-like but never be picky because that will affect your relationship goal.

Based on the poll we are using; men have voted the below as some of the factors that affect.

Here are some other reasons why men stay single:

  • Difficult to find women to match
  • Overweight
  • Different priorities
  • Lack of time
  • Anxiety
  • Enjoying being single
  • Shyness
  • Social awkward
  • Depression
  • Poor character
  • Lack of social skills
  • Poor mental health
  • Stuck with one girl
  • Lack of achievements
  • Don’t know how to start a relationship
  • Have not got over my previous relationship
  • Lack of money
  • Not picking up clues of interest
  • Health — disability issue
  • I do not trust women
  • Sexual issue
  • ‘I am not interesting’
  • Fear of relationships
  • Fear of rejection
  • ‘I will not be a good partner’
  • Given up
  • Attracted to the wrong women
  • Homosexual (A guy posted: “Because I’m gay and 99% of the people I become attracted to aren’t”)
  • Is not worth the effort
  • Fear of commitment
  • Addictions
  • Difficult to keep a relationship
  • And many other




Now that you have learned about the cause of men being single, try to avoid these factors and you will have yourself in a good relationship over time.

Most of these factors may not apply to you but will help one way or the other in order to plan for the future.

We hope you find a good partner for yourself!

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