How to Use Social Media to Increase Sales – 7 Actionable Tips


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Mar 2, 2022
Social media is one of the valuable and effective tools to help promote small businesses with the right guide.

It can help small businesses build their brand’s reputation, set up loyal customers, and increase overall sales.

You may be using social media to engage with your fans and to grow your brand, and yet you may not be driving sales if you are not following the right guide.

Having a well-built brand and followers is one thing, while conversion to sale is another; just because you have a large fan base doesn’t mean you are driving sales automatically.

There are lots of things to be done to make your marketing process as effective as driving sales.

In this post, we’ll be talking about the most effective strategies for using social media to increase revenues by driving more sales.

Do note that some of these strategies will directly help you improve revenue while some improve revenue indirectly; it all varies by the result.

How to Use Social Media to increase sales​

1. Identify your audience and potential customers

Before you start to work with using social media to increase sales, you must begin with understanding your target audience and then direct your focus on them.

Start by identifying your audience and the platforms they are using, then you reach out to them with your brand message on each platform to show you care.

Identifying which platforms your audience use is crucial; it’s only after that that you can easily focus on using those channels. It’s better to focus on multiple platforms rather than wasting time on building multiple accounts.

Which the knowledge of which platforms your audience is using with their age metrics, you will be able to improvise better and faster.

For example, if you are targeting customers over the age of 40 and you don’t have attractive visuals or graphics, then it’s best not to go for Instagram promotion or Snapchat as they won’t be effective.

Before you determine which social media platform is good for your business, you should consider factors such as target customer demographics and your business brand.

My best option is Instagram; if you are really serious about driving sales, I would advise you to use Facebook or Pinterest if you want to drive customer purchase intent clicks which may generate sales.

2. Make use of User-Generated Content

People are known to have trust issues before they do something; there is always doubt on the first attempt, no matter what.

Before a consumer can take the action of buying a product online, they take their time to read several reviews in order to be sure that the brand or the product is trusted.

This happens lots of times when a consumer comes across a product or brand for the first time; they try to be the detective and solve the mystery about a brand or product to be on the safer side.

Sounds like you and me? Ha-ha, this is because we humans are curious about a stranger by nature.

The only way you can use social media to drive sales from a first-timer customer is by having good reviews about your brand or product. With good reviews, they’ll trust your brand even though it’s the first time they are trying your product.

When performing social media marketing, you need to work on using user-generated content (contents created by consumers) to drive more sales.

Visual contents perform well in this instance, people believe in what they see, and most of all, they believe in a fellow consumer-like themselves.

When other or existing consumers share their photos or experience online, it is effective when new consumers check to see.

It makes your to-be customer more positive about your brand; to sum it up, it’s a great way to convert well.

Using user-generated content is best; it’s easier to use social media to increase sales through the help of existing customers.

To boost your revenue Additionally, it’s important that you as a brand also share the photos or reviews generated by your loyal customers to pages so as to draw more positive attention.

3. Invest in Social Media using paid ads

Social media platforms generate a lot of traffic and have millions of users use them.

No matter how effective your social media marketing is, there will always be some spot you haven’t touched on people you haven’t reached yet, and this is keeping you from reaching your revenue target.

Social media platforms have a way of helping business reach more potential customers, this, in turn, increase your revenue with more sales driven.

No matter which social media platform you are using, you will always find the option of creating post ads or promoting your content.

Paid ads help you get higher visibility for your brand and also help you select a relevant target audience precisely. This will open your way to increased chances of driving sales with result in more revenue.

Facebook is one of the social media networks to use paid ads with; it is easy to use and also has a range of tools to customize your ads setup extensively for better performance.

What this means for you as a business owner is an ability is to spend an average on paid ads and earn 2x revenue with proper ads customization.

Paid ads are one of the ways that you can use social media to increase sales with little effort, just your money working for you for more profit.

With paid ads, you can easily target users who have viewed your products in the past but haven’t taken any action yet, and this improves the rate of generating sales. This is a way to use social media to increase sales definitely.

4. Dive into past campaigns

Just like everything we experience in life, we all have to learn from our past, our mistakes so as to make amendments and avoid the same mistakes in the future.

The same thing applies to businesses that are willing to grow in sales and in revenue; whether you are working on social media marketing or other marketing forms, you need to revisit your past work so as to improve your future work.

To get a review of your past campaigns to overview, you will need to look at the social media analytics and insights to get a better view of what you do and should not.

Important metrics to learn from your past campaigns in order to optimize well for future campaigns are the:
  • Click-through rate
  • Targeting
  • Objectives
  • Audiences
  • Post formats
With these, you’ll be able to measure well what would work and what won’t using different statistics.

With the use of past campaigns, it is easy to use social media to increase sales by looking for statistics that can bring a higher return on investment.

If you are a small business owner and you are looking to improve your paid ads results, then you must not be afraid to try new methods out. If you fail at first, you’ll improve in the coming one.

5. Align with Social Media Influencers

If you haven’t tasted the power of influencer marketing, then you are missing out on valuable marketing. It’s one of the popular marketing tools you can use to get real results within a short time.

The reason why influencer marketing is valuable is because of the result it drives; with influencer marketing, you can easily promote your brand to reach a brand-new audience.

Social Media influencers can easily convince people to buy your products because they already have a solid reputation and trust in people or their followers.

People hardly find it hard not to believe influencers since they know they can’t be wrong and must have tested before they referred them.

There are lots of ways to use social media influencers for marketing your products strategically, it’s either you make use of video or attractive graphics showing convincing content and them allowing them to share it on their pages.

To make things much more interesting and better, you can get them to promote using a unique promo code that offers discounts using their name so that you will be able to track sales made through their channels.

It is one of the pieces of evidence that proves that you can use social media to increase sales without having to go far searching for methods.

This is a better option to easily target a market of new consumers easily through a trusted brand without having to wait for a long time for the result.

6. Post Valuable and Informational Content

People often choose to use social media to post their latest photos to get more engagement and followers same thing can apply to a brand but in a different but informational way.

To use social media to increase sales, you must be focused on creating informational and valuable content to help enlighten and entice your audience to convert well.

Valuable content can do the trick whenever you are trying to reach a new audience; your post shouldn’t always have to be centered around your niche or brand alone.

Share any content that you know is informative in the line of your business and can help your audience more.

You don’t have to keep your content boring in order to keep the business policy, loosen up and create something that matches your audience’s intents. Follow the trend and work on something that can spark reactions, teach values, and engage at the same time.

Good content will always work to help you use social media to increase sales when used well.

Content marketing never fails no matter what unless your content isn’t good or you chose the wrong marketing type; it always helps reach a brand-new audience to convince.

7. Let loyal customers work for you

This is a strategy that is often overlooked by business owners as a way to use social media to increase sales.

Instead of going for social media influencers all the time, you can use the opportunity of turning your loyal customers into your brand ambassadors and then let them market for you.

People follow like-minded people; customers trust customers alike because they are certain they would not lie about their experience with a product or brand.

It makes it easier for customers to trust their fellow customers who enjoyed a product and got satisfied with a brand.

If you can, create a discounted product and let a few customers use them, and share their reviews.

Then you use their photos and reviews with your entire customers; people will take their time to share if they find it worth it. Thereby you get to reach a source of a new audience that is willing to take actions that will lead to an increase in sales.


It’s not always that easy at first when using social media marketing, but it will definitely get better as you keep on working.

Above are the best ways for your brand to use social media to increase sales.

It is also important to make sure your brand is visible to the right audience. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to create content that will entice and motivate potential customers to purchase your products or services, as mentioned above.

When you make it easy for your customers to buy your products via social media, it becomes way better for a good result. This is done to reduce any steps or hassles that could discourage people from purchasing your products.
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