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How to Save Your Phone Battery With Proven Tips

Save Your Phone Battery

In our new world, Smartphone is the ultimate easy to carry and conveniently used device, almost 75% increase in the use of smartphones compared to the Computer or Laptop.

No one carries desktops around just to find information or reach your family and friends.

Smartphone has made all that possible to swiftly, without carrying any luggage, it’s more like the modern man best friend.

However, with the new development of smartphones, the battery has become the downside of the great development.

Most of the phones you see have good performances and abilities but it is no fun as the battery has a short lifespan.

If your phone runs out of battery easily then it could be a sign that things are wrong and needs proper setting.

To conquer this bad feeling we have come up with some steps to help you conserve your phone battery in a great way.

Now let’s get started with steps on how you can save your phone battery

1. Hunt down apps that consume power using background activity

Battery Optimization

Apps need to make use of power to function as programmed, they run processes to work as the developers created them to be able to serve you as you want.

This goes smoothly until they become power-hungry and then continue to consume power and run unnecessary processes.

We have some apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Messenger, and other running processes in the background to perform some actionable ways.

These apps are known to be power-sucking apps that run background processes with no use, some other examples are news and weather alert app, and they drain more power than all regular apps as they need to run processes to keep you updated with timely information.

To save your phone battery you can stop these apps from running background processes, you don’t always need these apps to run in the background you can always open them to see new updates.

To know which of the apps you installed is draining power in an unusual manner navigate to Settings >> Battery then select Battery Usage with that you will see how power is being used and those apps that consume power the most.

When you see an app that is consuming power unnecessary you then navigate to the app’s settings to see and stop it from running some background processes.

You can also make some advanced adjustments if you use a phone which has Android 9 or higher then you can go on by using the Background restriction option to save some power.

2. Reduce the BrightnessSave your phone battery

Save your eyes by reducing your phone brightness, apart from saving some power for your phone, you can also save your eyes from burning; too much light can be bad for your eyes.

When you reduce your phone brightness, there is a chance of you saving your phone battery; the brightness level of the phone decides how power is consumed.

To solve this issue and save your phone power, you should reduce your phone brightness to a minimal level; it’s a great option at night.

There is an option available to phone users to allow them to set auto-brightness on their phone; this option makes it easy for your phone to adapt to your current environment and serving you the best brightness level needed.

To activate this option, you can find it in the settings or draw down your phone user navigation and activate it.

3. Get rid of Location Services

Save your phone battery

Turning location service on when not in use is not a good idea whatsoever, it’s part of the power-draining services you should put to rest.

It is not recommended for you to turn it on when you don’t need its services, although it is always turned on by default so as to allow some apps that rely on its services to work properly

The location service is only useful when using an app that is designed to work with location services such as the map, Uber, and other apps that deal with location.

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4. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectionturn off Bluetooth

There is no point in turning on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection if you are using it, it only drains power unnecessary.

Turn on Bluetooth connection only when you are transferring or connecting your device, other than that you will only waste power.

Some people are fond of turning on their phone Wi-Fi connection so as to connect to any free available hotspot, as funny as it seems it does seem useful at times but it’s at a great disadvantage on the power consumption side.

To make it easier for you, you should know if there is free Wi-Fi available before you turn on the Wi-Fi connection, it saves you battery power and charging rate.

5. Make use of a battery Saving App

To solve drastic battery drain, you should consider downloading a battery-saving app for your phone.

There are several apps out there on the play store which can help you save power and manage how you use power.

A battery app can help you minimize apps that use power frequently or stop background processes using apps.

6. Turn on Airplane Mode

Turning on airplane mode is an option to help you save power; it is quite useful when you are not using any network-related service.

Although you won’t be able to call, message, or connect to the internet while it is turned on but you can do other things.

It will reduce the processes of radios or searching for signals and will spare you some power.

7. Try being decisive about wallpaper and widgets

It’s not something good to choose lots of widgets on your phone’s screen. Instead, you should decide about important widgets you actually need.

Concerning the wallpaper, you should stay away from using live wallpaper as it tends to consume power more than a static one. With that, you can find a beautiful static wallpaper instead.




Now that you have learned how to save your phone battery, these steps are as good as helping your phone battery get a new life and saving you from buying a new battery.

Follow these steps accordingly by making them effective in order to serve you better.

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