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How To Read and Understand With Basic Tips Explained

by Samuel

Although we live in a world where technology now covers most of our lives and still reigns in all our daily activities.

Even with the use of cell phones, television, and social media we still have reading information as an important aspect of our lives.

People still have to read, whether it is magazines, online news, regular books, and school textbooks.

The need for reading is always there, to be able to interpret contents you have to be able to read.

One of the factors which affect people’s reading ability is that they don’t read much so they don’t bother to read at all.

For some people, it is a slow and tedious process, and also hard work this is because they don’t assimilate as they should.

Students are one tier set that needs to read and understand what they read even if they have to read it severally before they understand.

Schools only teach students how to read but can never make students read forcibly, some students find it difficult to read.

Technology gadgets have proved to make students lazy and have no time to read from the library or from other sources than to use cell phones and television.

Technology can be used to improve reading abilities if we are willing to, it’s best to keep off from the regular and fun usage of social media networks.

Parents do put the blame on the schools and teachers meanwhile they provide confusing gadgets to their children.

Parents do need to set a guide for their children, give them the right part to follow for effective knowledge.

This will help the school teachers to be able to follow the part to constructing the reading abilities of their students effectively.

If you are a student or you still desire to improve your reading abilities then we have some valid points to help you.

  • Read with an aim
  • Skim through first
  • Get the reading method right
  • Be sure to analyze and take note
  • Understand in visuals
  • Practice as you read
  • Keep your attention area and try to improve the attention area
  • Read and practice again

1. Read with an aim

Reading with an aim is a crucial part of understanding what you read and how you read it, when you read you must have a purpose for doing so.

With that purpose, you must strive to get the purpose fulfilled as much as possible.

This works well when you go remembering what your purpose is and how you can fulfill it to keep your mind to the task and to stick to the important part of the content and read extensively beyond your limitation.

The first question to ask yourself is “What is the purpose of reading this?” If you are reading to pass time or for fun then it’s no problem, but the real issue is if you are reading for educational purpose.

The need to read and understand is the main purpose of their entire process.

Here are some other reasons that could apply, such as:
  • To meet a requirement of an academic course or other assigned reading
  • To fully know about a certain group of people, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and others.
  • To clearly show your political position, such as why we must oppose a given government policy.
  • To build a proposal and proposed plan.

Schools do assign readings to students; this is one of the best ways to help students improve.

You might be given a manual in your office, and you are required to read it.

The order can come from your teacher or master, you may not be able to ask them what the main purpose of you reading the content is.

You need to find out yourself by bringing in yourself deep to be able to figure out the purpose.

2. Skim through first

There are some contents that need you to skim through thoroughly. When you skim through contents properly that includes looking at important parts of the content, important parts such as headings, tables, graphs, pictures, and crucial paragraphs (you will find them at the starting and end point).

When you have an important part noted, you should take your time to read thoroughly to understand the key points to know the reading purpose.

For every content that needs to be studied carefully you need to make sure to skim through first. This will keep you:
  • Focused on the important parts of the content
  • Active and boost the memory to easily read and understand even when you are reading again.
  • Oriented, and have the sense that will help you know the important parts of the content.

People that are addicted to reading content on the internet have gained the behavior of skimming through content.

The way a blog presents its contents makes it easier for you to skim, they have bulleted or numbered lists, graphics, sidebars, and text boxes.

The bad part of reading content on the internet is that it makes it difficult for you to adapt to in-depth reading.

3. Get the reading method right

As I have mentioned above, skimming when you are supposed to do in-depth reading can make you lose focus on the necessary part.

You need to understand that there is a limit to skimming, you can’t just go around skimming every content, some need to read carefully.

The eyes and the brain work in a way when you have the habit of skimming it will affect you when you try to read in-depth contents.

There are few machines that can help you improve your reading skills, the access to these machines are rare.

These reading-improvement machines can increase reading speed without a cost in lower comprehension.

Readers that have poor reading abilities who read word to word do tend to have lower comprehension this is because their mind is preoccupied with recognizing the letters and the way they are arranged in each word.

This is the main reason why they forget what they read. Even when

When students read sentences and are questions, they still don’t understand even after reading severally this is because they read only because they want to answer questions.

The only way to know how to answer the questions the desired way is by reading to understand.

The real deal is to read and understand in the right sense, not just for reading sake, this happens most of the time.

It’s important to read word for word and practice all the same.

Below are valued tactics for you to know good methods of reading:
  • Keep an eagle eye on the contents rather than skimming through randomly
  • Make sure to expand the width of eye fixation (for example on an 8.5 width, go for three fixations and also two per line). You need to know that you must develop the skill in stages, you can’t rush things. You need to read at five or six fixations per line first. Then you can move on to work on four per line and then three per line.
  • Move your eyes from one fixation point to another (horizontal movements on long lines, vertical movement if the whole line in a column can be viewed with one fixation)
  • Look at multiple words in each eye fixation

Note that to adapt to this it can take some time and practice to finally do it well.

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4. Be sure to analyze and take note

This is one of the crucial parts of reading and understanding the contents given to you, you will see that at the end this section will help you.

It is important to mark a few key points with a highlighter so as to get back to them and analyze for more points.

The keywords should be added in the margins if they deem to be less useful clues to highlight.

I understand that almost everyone including student use highlighter pens to take note of key parts of the content.

However, some students misuse this by highlighting too much or by highlighting the wrong things.

It’s never obvious that they’ll focus on unimportant texts or never find important points when they overdo or make the wrong move.

To assimilate the whole page, you might want to highlight thoroughly and get the valid points that can explain the meaning of the page.

To make it all make sense, do not rush the process as you are need to gather valid points as much as you can.

When you read carefully you will be able to find valuable points, and with that, you can save yourself a long work time.

When you are reading you are expected to stop and take some self-quiz to be sure you are memorizing the important text.

Outline those important texts and let them be the first thing to read whenever you are trying to read again, this will give the option to memorize quickly and effectively.

5. Understand in Visuals

Visuals are important in our lives, that’s more of the reason we love to watch movies rather than listen to them.

Visuals have proven to be very effective when memorizing, the brain can remember visuals than what we hear.

Seeing is believing (memorizing). A picture covers more than 1000 words, it can be interpreted into many meanings.

Viewing pictures can serve as a memory potion when trying to understand and memorize content, it’s even comfortable to read with pictures rather than texts only.

It has a good effect on the brain, when you read and think in pictures, it sticks to your brain.

Rather than read or cram it is better to read and make it part of you then you can be sure to have it with you wherever you go.

It’s a great advantage to make your important highlighted texts in form of a picture and see how you will be able to remember vividly.

Use the headings and sub-headings to your advantage, learn from them, and then lay them down as much as possible then try to read over again.

As I mentioned above that visuals are effective and important, watching tv series is an example we tend to remember from the past series we have watched till the end.

This is as a result of powerful visual memory, think in pictures then you can be sure to remember important keywords needed.

When reading always look deep into the word rather than text, study the words in-depth and it will be created a memory automatically.

Read the content and memorized it with mental images, then it will seem like the text is being looked at from your front view while it’s from your memory.

You don’t have to write in the same words, read the contents, find your own words and make sure it brings about the same meaning.

Reading and understanding don’t mean you should cram every word for word, be natural.

When you bring out the contents you have read, it shows that you completely understand the meaning of the whole content.

To get something meaningful out of your whole reading process be sure to read as hard as you can and then try to remember with your own words. It works all the time.

6. Practice as you read

One of the most common mistakes students make is trying to read in bulk and memorizing at the same time.

The brain doesn’t work that way, if it doesn’t understand the whole content you won’t remember anything just some crumbs.

Try hard to read in short segments (choose a few paragraphs to a few pages and also take note of headings) rather than long sentences.

Then make sure you try to paraphrase each paragraph for the meaning of the content.

Before you start practicing what you are trying to memorize, see how many of the visual or mental pictures you can recreate.

Make use of the heading and the words that you have highlighted if you feel the need to improve the mental pictures.

Take a deep look at the mental pictures over and over again to keep everything set in your brain.

Each segment deserves your thorough look, there are some things to do and some questions to ask yourself.

It is important you do, ask yourself if the content matches what you know or not.

Find out why it matches and why it doesn’t, don’t forget to think about the author’s opinion on why the content was written in that format.

Does the content give values or should I add more? and many more questions.

The main advantage of doing this is that it helps to understand the content completely rather than just some texts in the content.

Extend your thoughts on the contents and try yourself out by trying to remember.

7. Keep your attention area and try to improve the attention area

The chance of memorizing increases when you have total attention to the content you are reading. You can’t read and understand when you don’t concentrate, it’s not possible.

Most people have short attention spans, their attention goes away easily when the content is not attractive or engaging in the beginning.

That’s why you should read for at least 15 to 20 minutes and make sure you understand, that can help you read bit by bit and memorize effectively.

The best way to cool off is by taking a break and giving yourself some quick test on what you have read so far.

See if you remember or not, then after some time, you continue reading. it’s very easy that way.

At some points, you may be needed to read longer, so it’s crucial you start training yourself to be able to read for a longer period of time.

8. Read and practice again after reading

The reading process doesn’t end, it continues. Instead of reading once it is advisable to read two or three times to properly memorize the content.

Make sure to stay away from any distractions or multi-tasking yourself with different things at the same time.

Do one thing at a time, the brain doesn’t take much. When you are reading keep all your mind to the contents and then try to question yourself again if you really understand the content.

Practice as you read this is like sticking glue to the wall, it will engrave the content to your mind.

After some days try to revisit the content, read as you practice. Do not be limited to reminding yourself of the content when you are doing other things.


Now that you have learned to read and understand, it’s time for you to take action by trying out each and every step multiple times so as make yourself used to them when you read.

When these steps become part of you, it will be easy for you to read and understand at the same.

It may take some time for you to see results, this means you should take things a step at a time to avoid any issues.

Happy reading, Good Luck!

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