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How To Overcome Social Anxiety – Basic Tips

by Samuel
Overcome social anxiety

Overcome social anxiety – This isn’t something, most young people fall in this category and it affects them greatly.

It happens when you don’t feel comfortable with things or activities that involve social situations.

You might be intelligent, kind, and have a good sense of humor, and still be shy when it’s time to reach out to others.

It will become hard for you to walk to your peers, you’ll then spend a lot of time to yourself rather meet new people or join group activities.

The problem occurs when it’s mandatory for you to mix up with people or find a new mate to work with.

It is important for you to have good social relationships in order to help improve your health and well-being.

There are lots of things we think in our head which makes us otherwise about what other people think when they see us.

Here are the things we use as an excuse:

  • We worry that we may work look unattractive to others or we have something weird on our clothes or our bodies.
  • We worry about our physical appearance and physical status of our anxiety like shakings hands or sweaty shirts.
  • We worry about our personality – like we wonder if we may not be funny, cool, smart, competent, or adequate.
  • We worry about our speech to others, as they might feel awkward, overly emotional, and boring towards our talk to them we feel concerned about these things as these people might find us different.
  • All people affected by this are those who appear to shut down socially while going through the puberty stage.
  • We begin to talk about the physical changes in our bodies and new challenges we’ll face while going into peer relationships.

The problem becomes certified when we choose to hide rather than face our problems in life and that’s the same as hiding from social anxiety.

When we hide from our problems it grows more and more facing them gives us strength and power over them.

There are lots of ways to overcome social anxiety. They are listed below:

1. Get thoughts in different ways

When we think in different or irrational ways it makes us anxious.

These thoughts when they become part of us they hardly leave us, and when we have these thoughts in our minds we fear the social.

First, we have to stop our inner critics from getting to us all time, because when they continue to get to us, we tend to blame ourselves for things we didn’t and this makes us fear society from blaming us.

There are tools that can help you get through this stage tools such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

The tool can help you overcome and replace negative thoughts about yourself or your situation.

For you to use the tool to overcome social anxiety try asking yourself some questions as:
  • How would I endure when the worst came to pass?
  • How bad would it really be if it happened eventually?
  • What are the odds of that happening?

The above questions will give you the courage to overcome your fears. It let you think that your fears are exaggerated.

Stay away from fears thinking they can’t harm you as you only think they would. When you do this, you give your fearless power to make it come to pass.

2. Improve your self-compassion

Improving your self-compassion is the best thing to do instead of bringing yourself down by using self-criticism.

Using self-compassion can help soothe your psyche and help address the negative emotions you get from social anxiety afterward effects.

When you have self-compassion you will be mindful, and always accepting your thoughts and feelings.

This will help keep you under healthy thoughts like – I will be okay after all these – Keep the common humanity mind check active by remembering that it is human nature to be scared, feel awkward and overcome.

When you self-compassionate you will have a lower level of social anxiety – this is because you will be mindful of how you react to people and that will help soothe the stress that leads to anxiety.

Being self-compassionate lets you have self-esteem and that can help you through negative social encounters.

Self-compassion can help you remember that social interactions are part of the learning process and that the more you practice the more you move to be perfect about it.

This will help you overcome social anxiety better.

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3. Start from scratch at first

Trying to stay away from something makes us more anxious, the greater we do the more anxious we get. It is one of the difficult aspects of anxiety.

Instead of waiting for that right time to “feel right,” we should begin by starting from scratch and do them again and again until the fear disappears. To conquer your fear, you have to make them know that you are fearless.

The best way is to allow yourself to be tested enough, go around and meet new people. Talk about related interests and find what you have in common with them, you shouldn’t stop there trying to do more things together.

Chat with as many as people you can find while shying away from your fears, people won’t get angry at you for talking to them.

Show appreciation to them when they give you the chance to talk to them, it makes people want to talk with you more.

You should go to public places like a restaurant, beach, gym, and others, you can make new friends there.

Be careful when approaching people, don’t go to them like a stalker but present yourself as you really are because no one is perfect.

You might try asking them to help take a photo of you, from there you can tell them your name and ask theirs in return – from there you can bring in some jokes.

Make sure to examine people before meeting with them, know the kind of person they are first.

Learn if they are sociable or more of a private person, with that you will be able to take your first step.

4. Stop making use of your Exit strategies to overcome social anxiety

Anxious people are known for their usage of exit strategies, there are lots of exit strategies used by anxious people to overcome social anxiety and this includes avoiding speaking face to face with people, avoiding eye contact, don’t want others to perceive your breath, and others.

Other things anxious people do is to think about what to say to people first before they meet, they smile more to keep their comfort, they take deep breaths more often to calm their nerves and others.

One of the best ways to work on your own exit strategy is by identifying yours and then take steps on how to leave them to focus on the most important part of the conversation.

The reason to leave your exit strategies is to be able to feel more comfortable around people and to show people yourself as you are.

One of the best ways to determine your own exit strategies is by meeting with strangers often, with them you will be able to discover your reactions with strangers.

When you discover yourself, you will surely be able to train yourself on how to react.

You should also look at how people react when they are around you, their reactions when you say something.

From there you will be able to know what they like and what they don’t, then you will be able to adapt to them better.

The best way to people’s heart is by appreciating them for their time with you, show them you confide in them, and that they can talk with you about things they seem fit.

This will allow them to chat freely with you about any of their bothering issues, their good and bad part for better conversation.

Pick up some new strategies by being confident around people, stay sharp and talk with the truth as things are.




Now that you have learned how to overcome social anxiety it is time to start taking action.

Start by working on yourself before meeting up with people, this will keep you straight as much as possible.

Then you will grow your confidence and courage and be around people you want freely.

Go have a better life!

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