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How to Minimize Data Usage on Your Phone With Tips

Minimize data usage

Minimize Data Usage using methods we’ve tested and have worked for us.

In this very world, we live now everything is done on the internet, we are part of the new development and we sure do love it.

As we surf the internet we check out our data plans and usage to learn about the data we’ve spent on surfing.

Using the internet has been made easier than before, whence we all have to go to a cyber café just to access the internet.

However, with the rapid development of Smartphones, we all can access and surf the internet conveniently without having to go anywhere.

There are many things to do online, sites to visit, information to see, and news to read.

People even study online nowadays, this has made the internet a go-to place for everyone, with the internet comes to a new responsibility as data plans.

Data usage increased as a result of different things done online, with the presence of social media networks and video hubs, we can always expect an increment in data usage.

To help manage and reduce data usage costs we have come up with this post.

Here is a list of how to minimize data usage on your phone

1. Restrict App background data

We have some apps that run in the background, and it’s sure that these apps consume data even when you don’t use them.

Some apps even update in the background without your knowledge, it is when your data run out you will see that these apps have consumed your data unnecessarily.

Apps that use background data are apps made to keep you updated with the latest information, for example, a news app or social media apps like Facebook which send notifications.

You should turn off apps that are not necessary to use background data to perform well, not all apps need permission.

To do this Go to Settings >> Data Usage and then check out those apps that consume most of your data and how much they consume, then you can try fixing those with a higher data-consuming rate.

You can click on an app to see more about the app and data used; you will see the foreground and background data.

The foreground shows you the data that you use while in the app and the background shows the data the app use while you are away.

To fix the background data issue, then click on the background data and click Restrict app background data.

2. Use data compression in Chrome and a Data Saving App

Using a data-saving app can minimize data usage while you surf the internet, it helps you optimize the use of data.

Using a data-saving app you can be sure that the app will stop background data usage and will allow the use of foreground data while you are active on apps.

Data saving applications will help you stop some unwanted data usage will also help you save power at the same time.

You can also activate the data compression option in the popular Google Chrome browser, the browser is a popular browser you will find on the play store.

The built-in data saver also helps you minimize data usage in one click.

Using the browser comes with great speed and data usage compression at the same time.

When you use the option of data compression, the browser will perform its wonder by allowing your entire traffic to pass through a proxy that was created by Google.

Every time you click on a link, it compresses the data sent and helps speeds up the loading of pages significantly.

To activate this great feature start by clicking on the 3-dot menu on top of the right corner and then go to Settings and select Data Saver then you will click to activate Data Saver.

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3. Limit the amount of data usage in Android Settings.

To limit your data usage without the help of any app you should try doing that from the Android Setting, this is much easier than any other method.

To make this happen, go to Settings and then click on the Data Usage then unto Billing Cycle, and finally Data limit and billing cycle.

Right in the settings, you will be able to make adjustments and set a limit for the maximum amount of data you want to use based on your preference.

If you want your data connection to go off when you reach the data limit of the month, it’s available.

4. Update apps over Wi-Fi only

One thing you must do if you have been using this method, it’s no small play to upgrade apps.

When you upgrade your apps over data connection you will see a spike in data connection, the only way to avoid this is by updating apps over Wi-Fi only.

To stop apps from updating over data connection you need to go to Play Store and then click on Menu then unto Settings and finally Auto-update apps

After this, you will need to select Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only or you might choose not to auto-update any app at all by selecting the Do not auto-update apps

5. Limit your use of streaming services

Another high data consumption factor is by streaming music and videos online, this is powerful and requires lots of processes by your Android phone.

These processes consume data and power extremely, it is better to download music and videos and then watch it later.

To make sure you are not using much data, you should prefer downloading videos over a Wi-Fi connection rather than a data connection.

With this method, you will be able to minimize data usage on your phone easily.


Most of the issues we all have with our Android phone are high data usage and consumption level.

There are lots of ways to minimize data usage but only limited knowledge about those options.

This is why I have help gathered the methods as I have tried them and they worked perfectly for me, yet sharing is caring and that’s why I must share.

With the tips above, you will be able to minimize data usage greatly; alongside you will be saving power.

Follow these procedures from time to time even when you get a new Smartphone you can apply these settings and see great changes.

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