How to land a remote job

How to Land a Remote Job With the Best Methods Explained

by Enilovesam

For those looking for a complete guide to land a remote job, here is the content that will answer your questions.

With the recent pandemic, it became clear to us (business owners and workers) that a lot of work can be done remotely.

Most business owners started employing people to work remotely (these people are known as freelancers).

This is not surprising as much work can be done remotely, and it still brings the same things as it would have been in the office.

Following the advancement in technology, it is now possible to work where ever you might be in the world as long as there is a laptop or smartphone, Wi-Fi, or Internet Access.

You can now hold meetings while at home through software like Google Meet, Zoom, and others; this is the solution to working from home; almost everything can be done remotely nowadays.

The question remains that you are in need of a solution that can help you land a remote job that will suit your needs. Well, here we are; this content will guide you through the process to land a remote job with ease.

What you should expect from this article includes:
  • What are remote jobs?
  • What must I know before I apply for a remote job?
  • The merit and demerit of working remotely
  • How to apply and land a remote job?
  • How to write a resume that will land you a remote job?
  • Sites that can help you land a remote job

What are Remote Jobs?

Talking about what a remote job is, it is any job that does not need your physical body to be present at the office in order to be done.

This means that your work is assigned to you without you going to the office; the same work is guided and to be done with time guidelines.


The aim is to avoid commuting and other forms of stress; it also gives you the opportunity of flexible work hours depending on your job.

Remote jobs don’t need you to have one-on-one interaction. Remote jobs don’t always need you to work alone sometimes or to not attend the meeting physically.

It all depends on your job standard or terms; sometimes, you might be asked to attend meetings after the work is done.

There are times when you will have a meeting after you have done group work remotely; you will have to analyze the work you have done so far.

What must I know before I apply for a remote job?

Before choosing to apply for a remote job or work remotely, you must understand what it takes and how you go about it.

This means that it is crucial that you know if remote jobs are meant for you or not, decide if they are matched with your schedule.

There are things you can use to judge if remotes jobs are for you; these include your personality, lifestyle, and your mindset.

The set of people who are much more suitable for remote jobs are usually introverted people as they are used to staying alone at home to do things.

If you are an extrovert person who loves to meet and talk with people from time to time, then this might not actually work out well enough.

Other factors include your working scheme; whether you like to monitor and supervised for each job, then it might not come easy. Also, your working environment is a huge factor that will define if you will work well enough to be productive.

So as to make things much easier for you, you need to evaluate these factors and see if you can work it out without affecting your productivity.

But why work remotely?

Working from home is becoming normal since we have the technology ready for it and also with the outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic that hit us unexpectedly.

Following these popular companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft around the world have started making use of the term of working from home a normal for worker rather than coming to the office physically.

These changes in strict world movement (to avoid the virus from spreading) made this working from the home process a solution to keep the safety guidelines and also continue business productivity rate growing as well.

The Merits of Working Remotely:

Working from home is good on its own part, and that’s is what we will be covering in this section. This states how important working remotely is and how you can benefit from it as a worker.

1. Opportunity to balance between Work and Life

This is one of the benefits you get when you choose to work remotely; we should admit that every worker always dreams of being able to create a balance between their life and their work.

Remote jobs are your answer if that is your dream; it creates room for flexibility which is the best way for you as a worker to work on the given work with your time structure.

With the freedom to do your early morning yoga, online class, talk to your friends, and go around doing your thing.

This may seem like freedom with you being able to structure your time and work at a comfortable time to give results. But it might be difficult if you don’t have a solid mindset to make sure work is done at the right time.

2. Option to save yourself from the commute and stress

The problem with commuting is a large one that affects almost every worker, talking about moving from one place to another just to do your job.

One can never be sure if all the energy one ought to put into a job is wasted during commuting; since we are all humans, it’s a normal thing for us to feel tired.

There are many health advantages remote jobs will bring to you; this includes the opportunity to reduce depression and lower your cholesterol level and others.

3. Ability to work anywhere and whenever you want

Remote jobs give several freedom options, and one of them is the freedom to work anywhere you want.

Every human has his or her way of working and the time they prefer to work; to some, the working spirit comes in the morning, to some in the afternoon, and to some, it is the night.

Either way, you prefer to work; remote jobs give you the option to work when it’s most convenient for you as long as you deliver the job correctly.

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The Demerits of Working Remotely

Just like every other thing in life, there is no right without wrong nor advantage without disadvantages.

This is the same thing with working remotely; it also has its own demerits, which are things you should think of before you decide if it’s the best for you.

Other challenges you will experience when you live in developing countries includes poor internet services, poor electricity system, and access to the right devices.

1. High level of Distractions

When you work from home, there is always a reason to get distracted easily; it is one way to move from the productive person to the less-productive person.

You might be thinking that you will try your best to avoid distraction, but it will always come, and you won’t be able to defend it.

If you are the type that is easily distracted, it might not be the best idea for you to think about working from home.

The work from home thing is for people who are strong will and have the mind to work without direct supervision.

2. Reason to overwork

This is one of the disadvantages that come from working remotely, and it is something that people believe is the cause of the inability to stop working.

Some people have the skills it takes to switch from work mode to relaxation mode in seconds, while some people struggle to ever leave the work. They get into the work cycle completely and work all day.

As we all know, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy same applies to us workaholics.

3. Loneliness and Communication issues

Getting lonely is one of the downsides of working from home since you will only work on your own, with no one to keep you updated physically.

This makes one feel really lonely and isolated from the public since there is no use or need from the physical team, and this leads to low productivity ability.

And that is where you begin to experience communication issues; the limitation you get when you work all time from him is that you find it hard to communicate with people.

The solution to this is that you create some time after work to hang out with people and talk to them about something fun-filled.

How to apply and land a remote job with a guide

Using the above merits and demerits, you should be able to decide if remote jobs are for you.

Seeing you proceed to read the section where you will learn how to apply for remote jobs has given me confidence that you still want to continue.

Now let’s talk about how you can do this easily. For you to work toward to land a remote job, you need to:

  • Start by selecting the proper method for remote hub search.
  • Get yourself to join the remote hub
  • Look forward to seeing result diligently and patiently
  • Carefully build your resume for remote jobs applications
  • Get out and do the job hunt yourself

How do I write my Resume for a Remote Job?

Showing that you are ready to work remotely is not enough because to see changes, you must set up a resume and submit it.

Here are things you should include in your resume:

It is very crucial that you set up a carefully crafted resume that will show your interest in working remotely. Make the word “remote” showing that are you are trying to apply for a remote job.

Reveal to the company why they should hire you by listing your special skills that aid working from home job type.

Make it visible enough as this is what recruiters are looking for on people’s resumes; it defines how profitable it will be when you are hired. These are the data that you should appear in your resume in order to land a remote job:

  • Time regulation
  • Collaboration skills
  • Data communication
  • Organizing ability
  • Diligence
  • Flexibility
  • Strong desire toward work
  • Adaptability
  • IT skills

Finally, you must show that you are good at what you do by showing your past experiences within the field. Showing that you have worked remotely or not, carefully explain why you are a better candidate.

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Sites that give you access to land a Remote Job

With the continuous growth in remote jobs, there are now lots of sites that help people looking for remote jobs land a job of their own.

To save you the stress of looking for sites or sources of remote jobs, we have come up with a list of websites that can help you land a remote job faster.

Here are the best websites that help you land a remote job:

1. LinkedIn

This is one of the largest platforms that help you get connected to employers; it also helps job seekers find their desired jobs, and employees get people to employ them.

It’s a very complex but easy-to-use platform that makes it easier for you to get a list of jobs in a matter of seconds.

Start by inputting the keyword “Work from Home,” then you will start seeing jobs that only require you to work from home.

With that, you can filter based on your interest, skills, experience, and qualifications.

There is also an option to help you land a remote job directly; all you have to do is:

  • Click on the Jobs icon, which is at the top of your LinkedIn homepage
  • After that, click the SearchJobs field and input keywords “remote job” or “remote work” or even the name of the recruiter or company.
  • Now click on the “Searchlocation” field and select the home icon. This will direct you to the job search results page. The results page will show you a list of job postings from which you can choose depending on your job role and location preference.
  • As I said earlier, there is an option to use a filter so as to get more accurate results. The filter button is at the top of the search results page.
  • When you are done applying the best filters, then you make a switch on the Job Alert and set job alerts so as to be alerted when related jobs come up.
  • To be sure if you are fit for the job (skills and qualification) you’ve seen, click on the job posting to view the job description.

And that’s it; it is much easier.

2. Facebook

Isn’t this funny? How do I land a remote job on a social media platform? Well, Facebook is now more than just a social media platform; it is more significant than that.

The recent updates have shown Facebook to be a good source for finding jobs (remote jobs too); the developers have created a section for verified business owners using Facebook pages to hire people.

A job section has been created on the social media platform, and it’s helping businesses get people to hire for work.

To get started, navigate to the job section on your homepage and search for jobs based on your skills and qualifications. And after you can submit your resume to the company and await their decision.


You might be wondering why this site popped up on the list; well, it is very simple. The site is a well-known freelancing site, and most freelancing jobs are done remotely.

This is a huge chance for you to look for remote jobs using a platform that gives you access as a job seeker to clients or companies that are ready to hire you to work for them.

As soon as you do a good job, you might get hired and work remotely based on terms and conditions between the company.

4. MyJobMag

This is one of the top sites for job hunting in Nigeria. It was created to help job seekers and employers meet up for work progress.

The site is updated daily with a huge amount of job listings that are available to all job seekers depending on their skills and qualifications.

It is easy to navigate through the website; finding jobs is just as easy too.

To search for remote jobs on MyJobMag, do these:

  • Sign up or Log in if you already have an account
  • You will see a search button on the homepage (click on it)
  • Input your queries (or the keyword “remote jobs”)
  • Then click search to see job listings
  • You can also filter (states, industries, fields, qualifications, and others) for a quick relevant search.

Now it’s easy for you to choose from the list by applying while adhering to the requirements you will land a remote job successfully.

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Working from home can be a good thing to do since it’s becoming normal for people, the issue is how to land a remote job.

The advancement in technology has made the impossible become possible, and it is our right to enjoy the good technology has offered.

It is advised that you carefully watch yourself if you are going to sign up to work from home, as we’ve explained in the content.

Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages; scale both thoroughly and see if you are ready.

We hope you find this article helpful, and we wish you Goodluck on your job hunt.


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